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What you need to know to start a taxi driving career

Taxi drivers work very long hours. One must generally lease a taxi from a company, and then work a shift. The first part of the shift will be spent making the money to pay for the cab rental and gas, and the last part of the shift is where the profit comes in. This is why taxi drivers have to work such long hours. For some reason, cab companies rarely lease taxi for shorter time periods with a lower leasing fee.

Driving a taxi can be dangerous as well. Taxi drivers must exercise caution, and feel comfortable trusting their intuition when it does not feel safe to transport a customer. Some statistics show that being a cab driver is the number one most dangerous job in the nation. There have been safety measures put in place in recent years. Now, most taxis have a global positioning system, as well as a panic button that the driver can press. If the driver presses the button, it alerts every other cab in a specified radius, which will then surround the cab that is in trouble until the police arrive.

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