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New York City offers some intriguing opportunities for employment, including that of professional taxi driver. With a city as large and diverse as NYC, taxi companies abound. Though a lot of people pay little respect to taxi cab drivers, they are a part of the glue that holds the city together. If you are interested in becoming a taxi driver in New York City, follow these steps to help you achieve your goal.

1. Get your license in order. Before applying for a taxi driver’s position in New York City, you need to make sure your license is current. You must possess a New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or Pennsylvania chauffeur’s driving license with a photo on it. (Must be the equivalent to a New York state class A, B, C or E license.)

2. Pick up a copy of your driver’s history at the Department of Motor Vehicles and be prepared to submit it along with your application. If your driver’s license is not from New York, you will need a certified document (aka abstract) of your driving history from your DMV, along with a statement that your license is equal to that of a chauffeur’s license.

3. Submit a valid and original Social Security card, as well as a notarized NYC Office of Child Support Enforcement Form.

4. Show proof that you owe no debts/fines to the DMV for tickets, traffic violations and the like. If your license is out of state, you need a certified statement from your local DMV stating that you owe no such debts.

5. Complete the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) driver application and have Form A notarized. You must answer all questions in full. The applications are available at the two TLC licensing locations. (Go to TLC website for addresses of locations.)

6. Take the New York State DMV-certified defensive driving course, which is six hours in length. This must be completed at least six months prior to filing your application for employment. The cost of the course is $50. You must submit the original completion certificate when you apply. The TLC does not accept copies.

7. Pay all necessary fees and apply for license (which is one-year probationary upon issue). Fees are listed on the TLC website. In general, the total fees cost around $200 and cover licensing, fingerprinting and drug-testing. After you get your license, you will be required to attend taxi school, and the cost ranges from $150 to $325. You will also need to pay $25 to take the English proficiency test. (Total fees, including licensing, training and testing comes to around $500.)

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